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Khufu Akhu Mentuhotep

Khufu, a co-founder of The Raising Awareness Group, possesses an astute intellect and a multifaceted educational background. Having attained an Associates of Arts degree, in foundations of business from the University of Phoenix, Khufu currently embarks upon the pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science IS, a discipline that delves into the intricacies of securing computational systems & networks. Khufu Is Founder & Creator of the Harmonic Ethos Philosophical Perspective. Khufu's scholarly pursuits have encompassed the profound study of sesh medew netcher (more commonly known as Egyptian Hieroglyphs), under the tutelage of Wudjau Iry Maat, as well as the erudite guidance of Seba Mfundishi Jhutyms. Initiation into the revered Shrine Of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu, facilitated by Seba Mfundishi Jhutyms, stands as a testament to Khufu's commitment to acquiring profound wisdom. A fervent Pantheist, Khufu ardently seeks to unravel the intricacies of interconnectedness and interdependence within the tapestry of existence. His philosophical disposition, coupled with his prowess as an independent writer, independent researcher, and scholar, permeates his scholarly pursuits. In addition to these intellectual endeavors, Khufu has dedicated himself to the study of Real Estate Practice & Fundamentals, as well as the delicate art of managing aggressive behaviors and crisis intervention. Khufu's ancestral lineage bears the indelible mark of the Tikar in Cameroon, as his maternal ancestry reveals a remarkable 99.7% genetic affinity. As the youngest offspring of both his mother and father, Khufu joyfully assumes the roles of a doting father to a beautiful daughter and son. Foremost among Khufu's noble endeavors lies his unwavering commitment to enlightening young minds, an undertaking that he passionately undertakes through the prism of Raising Awareness. Furthermore, Khufu has exhibited exceptional dedication in collaborating closely with esteemed elders to accomplish the noble mission of reinstating mental equilibrium to individuals through the dual forces of education and activism. Ultimately, Khufu's noble mission resides in empowering others with the requisite tools to construct a morally elevated society.

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6 Responses

  1. Excellent and concise. Excellent, my brother.

  2. Mkuu Mzee says:

    Well done sn.i Khufu. Although Abrahamic doctrine has used our original Nile Valley Spiritual System to produce what is thought to be original to its’ converts over many generations you have also made it clear that we need to do more to emphasize their relative importance for our people. May the haze continue to clear.
    duA and Ase’ Warrior

  3. Alethia Hazel says:

    Excellent article. I look forward to more.

  4. Tdka says:

    Excellent work sir…

  5. Tdka says:

    You should write more sir… you have a clarity of mind and a quality style.

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