About Us

We are a group of self-taught & traditionally educated individuals who have come together to share our collective knowledge for the sole purpose of giving our young children the opportunity that they will not experience in societies traditional public schools.

We are spread throughout the Delaware Valley areas of PA, DE, NJ, NY with some of us situated as far south as DC, MD, NC, GA, FL and TX. We understand the importance of supplying those Parents, Sebas and Jegnas with the resources needed to enrich their children’s lives through the education of an African Centered curriculum. A rich heritage and culture that will empower today’s youth the descendants of African origins, while providing a blue print into their future.


We as an organization cultivated this curriculum of our flagship project; The Black History Home School Supplement for Children, Parents, Sebas, Jegnas of African Descent


We have observed our ancient Afrikan education system including its’ culture & heritage have been omitted out of today’s learning process due to biased ideologies & prejudices.The first order of business is to bridge the inter-generational bond by bringing together the parents, grandparents, elders in the community, etc. – to get involved in this endeavor as they would expect their child to be.  Our intention is to spearhead this educational movement with other like-minded groups and persons in the Afrikan community.