The Need For Self Defense Preparedness.

  • Glock Firearms
  • Self Defense Training

Khufu Akhu Mentuhotep

Co-founder of The Raising Awareness Group. Khufu earned an Associates of Arts, with foundations In business from University of Phoenix & currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in a different concentration. Khufu studied sesh medew netcher/ sS mdw nTr (aka Egyptian Hieroglyphs) under Wudjau Iry Maat. Also Seba Mfundishi Jhutyms. Khufu has been Initiated into the Shrine Of Jhuty Heru Neb Hu under Seba Mfundishi Jhutyms. Khufu is a independent writer, independent researcher, scholar. Khufu's studies also include Real Estate practice & fundamentals. Management of aggressive behaviors & crisis intervention techniques. Khufu has maternal ancestral lineage/ mtDNA 99.7% match to the Tikar In Cameroon . Khufu is the youngest son of both his mother & father’s respective children. Khufu Is father to a beautiful Daughter & Son. Khufu prides himself In Raising Awareness to young minds seeking enlightenment. Khufu has also been integral & diligent in working alongside with the Elders to complete the mission of re-storing balance to the minds of people, through education & activism.

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