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The current state of affairs in the Afrikan community is critical now; more than ever. There is tremendous amounts of young Afrikan men being assassinated across the country by other Afrikan men and law enforcement officers who are fearful.

Homosexuality is rampant in the community and threatens traditional Afrikan moral principles. Young Afrikan females are becoming over sexualized, from imitating video vixens in rap videos and movies.

Young Afrikan women are getting surgical procedures done to look more non- afrikan. We can find broken family structures in the community; which affects the psychological conditions of the younger generation. They ultimately grow up seeing their parents go through these destructive behaviors.

What’s needed to improve these conditions is an answer of complexity. We would say: first and foremost, is to begin to Re-educate our people; primarily starting off with the youth. The community needs more entrepreneurs, those who can create jobs and opportunities. We need more people who are versed on business; economics and how to invest; build financial portfolios. Portfolios that will create generational wealth, which is often never talked about.

The most important prerequisite to all of these elements, is having the youth go through rites of passage.

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